Ferri Chirurgici



Superior quality, excellent customer service, and the most innovative designs for the latest procedures have been the hallmark of ASICO since 1983.
Our product range encompasses over 1,500 selections including stainless steel and titanium instruments, single-use cannulas and blades, and an extensive selection of diamond knives. Innovation is a continuous process. New procedures are developed and techniques are continuously improving. In an effort to bring surgeons together to discuss these developments, ASICO sponsors educational symposiums and offers complimentary videos of the latest techniques and procedures.
At ASICO, research and development is an important process, thereby assuring you the innovative newest, technologically correct, and precise instruments for new and existing procedures. Our quality control experts carefully monitor the quality of our products by conducting extensive test. To assure our customer that the instruments you purchase meet the highest standards of quality, ASICO offers a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturer’s defects. Our products and services meet or exceed the protocol as set by the various governing agencies.